Avnet offers IoT migration assistance for abandoned IoT customers

With the continually evolving IoT industry, enterprises have opportunities to improve and optimize their connected device architecture and platforms for efficiently managing IoT devices. Enterprises that are looking for higher reliability, scalability, security and breadth and depth must choose IoT platform migration services -

  • Google IoT Core migration to IoTConnect®
  • Google IoT Core migration to AWS IoT
  • Google IoT Core migration to Azure IoT

With IoTConnect®, AWS and Microsoft’s IoT offerings, Avnet offers a strategic process to shift to a robust IoT platform that does not involve re-engineering IoT infrastructure at significant expense and time to migrate. Our in-house IoTConnect® platform offers an abundance of advantages that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

Our migration approach

Discovery - Analyze existing system

  • Reviewing existing device capabilities
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Understanding workflows

Strategize - Define the test plan

  • Execute and monitoring
  • Training
  • Validate

Deployment - Final migration

  • Execute and monitoring
  • Automated testing
  • Acceptance

Our migration process

Avnet offers three ways that you can migrate from your current IoT system to secure IoT platforms powered by AWS or Microsoft.

End-to-end migration solutions

Amazon offers robust IoT infrastructure that allows you to securely shift from your current IoT ecosystem to AWS. Microsoft provides comprehensive assessments and workflows to shift to Azure.

Migrate to AWS Migrate to Azure

Key features of IoTConnect®

Edge and predictive analytics

Save time and cost by implementing data analytics at the sensors, gateways, or any other device location. Gain benefits of predictive analytics in real-time to take proactive measures.

MQTT+ messaging

Reduce network bandwidth with one of the leading messaging protocols. You can maximize available bandwidth and enhance permission-based security with IoTConnect®’s MQTT+ messaging solution.

Real-time monitoring

Get real-time notifications and alerts on KPIs and anomalies for better process optimization. IoTConnect®’s capabilities to track and analyze data in real-time allow you to identify the actual times an incident occurs and act on it.

Remote device provisioning and configuration

Connect your smart device remotely and configure them efficiently for seamless cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud communication. With numerous certification options like CA signed, X 905, etc., ensure secure access to your devices.

Smart rule engine

A smart rule engine allows you to focus on useful insights for savvy decision-making. Set automated commands and triggers tailored to your dynamic business logic.

Cross-device interoperability

Avnet’s IoTConnect® is an IoT ecosystem that seamlessly connects several devices and database systems to allow you to gain meaningful insights. With various SDK and API integration, you can connect to multiple platforms and devices.

Avnet’s IoT Ecosystem

Leading partner enablement with Avnet’s IoTConnect®

Recover from the failure of trust and migrate to a secure, scalable and reliable IoT platform