Migration made easy from Google IoT Core to AWS IoT

While there is still time for Google to shut down its IoT Core service, why wait for the last minute to make the jump? The announcement of Google IoT Core to be discontinued has created a state of panic among the users. They have started looking for alternative IoT platform migration service provider to manage their requirements and meet the changing market demands.

Look no further! AWS IoT platform will cater to all your smart solutions needs from development to deployment. Avnet’s team of experts can help with end-to-end migration from IoT Core to AWS IoT with minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

AWS IoT Core features we leverage

Device Advisor

It is essential to check the interoperability of the devices. With AWS Device Advisor, our AWS specialists help you to resolve device software issues before deploying devices in production.

Device Gateway

To send and receive data to and from the cloud, devices often need an interface. With AWS Device Gateway, we offer secure connections and implementations of semantics for multiple protocols like MQTT, WebSockets, and HTTP 1.1 protocols.

Message Broker

Send or receive as many messages as you require with Message Broker. With this feature, our experts incorporate secure message transferring to the cloud.

Authentication and authorization

AWS IoT Core provides mutual authentication and encryption at all points of connection. Our AWS consultants leverage this feature to create, deploy and manage certificates and policies for the devices.

Rules engine

To communicate the commands to the devices, it is important to have rules engine in place. With the AWS rules engine, you can route messages to AWS endpoints and devices to trigger a function or rule.

AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN enables customers to connect wireless devices that use low-power, long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) technology. Our developers can write rules and query metrics for connected devices.

Amazon Sidewalk Integration

It is crucial to have secure and fast connectivity to gain real-time insights. Leveraging Amazon Sidewalk, we enable devices to get connectivity even if they are outside the range of Wi-Fi.

Benefits of migrating to AWS IoT platform

  • Get preventive security measures to assure the privacy of your data
  • Scale multiple devices and billions of messages with secure cloud infrastructure
  • Create AI and ML models to make insights-driven business decisions

AWS Components

Let's migrate to AWS IoT to empower your next-gen devices and infrastructure.