Control power sources and optimize energy consumption

Avnet’s Smart Cell Tower Monitoring solution is a blend of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things that enables you to monitor cell tower sites from a centralized location. Our solution allows network engineers and operators to monitor and control various scenarios such as power sources, generator fuel leaks, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and connected devices. With its integrated AI capabilities, the solution helps you to identify patterns and anomalies from the collected data to create various forecasting models.


Our Smart Cell Tower Monitoring Solution is an end-to-end site monitoring solution, allowing tower operators to easily monitor cell towers from anywhere at any time. It helps in minimizing OPEX and protects cell tower sites from substantial security threats.

  • SLA management

  • Diesel generator monitoring

  • Derive usage behavior patterns

  • Remote security and surveillance

  • Advanced HVAC control

  • Intrusion detection

  • ML-based predictive analytics

  • Prioritize alerts and notifications

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Most commonly asked questions regarding Avnet’s Smart Cell Tower Monitoring solution

Our solution helps tower owners to monitor and control their telecom assets remotely, regardless of its geographic location. With connected devices and sensors, our cell tower monitoring solution empowers you to track power sources, monitor assets, manage security, detect fuel leakages and observe environmental conditions in real-time.

AI, along with machine learning, decodes the data collected from IoT sensors and connected devices. This actionable data can then be used in a multitude of ways and presented via detailed charts and reports pattern identification and better decision-making.

It makes it easier, better and most importantly, safer for tower operators. The companies themselves benefit from the efficiency and transparency of operations, which result in advantages from cost savings to compliance adherence and operations. Some of the stakeholders who can benefit from this solution are operations managers, infrastructure managers and network engineers.

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