Resolve tower monitoring challenges with IoT while making remote sites energy-efficient, secure, and well-maintained

Monitoring and maintaining a number of cell tower sites that connect the world is challenging as well as critical for both companies and consumers who have grown increasingly dependent on cellular infrastructure. Monitoring of remote cell tower sites is made more difficult due to growing networks, critical security issues, and increasing maintenance costs. The complexity of managing these tower sites further increases due to lack of visibility into operations and energy consumption at the base station.

By deploying IoT technology, tower owners can monitor and control telecom assets remotely, which are spread across a widely dispersed geographic area. A cell tower monitoring solution can allow tracking of power sources, monitoring of assets, managing security in case of fuel leakages or unauthorized intrusion, and also monitoring environmental conditions at the site. Some of the stakeholders who can benefit from this solution are network engineers, operations managers, and infrastructure managers.

Key Challenges

  • Unsecure remote sites
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Lack of logged details for field workers
  • Irregular equipment checks
  • Unknown maintenance status
  • Lesser reliability
  • Unmonitored KPIs
  • Unavoidable site downtime
  • High expense of field maintenance visits
  • Uninformed about actions

Highlights & Core Features

  • Asset monitoring and management
  • Energy/Fuel management
  • Temperature based HVAC control
  • Prioritize alerts and notifications
  • Intrusion detection
  • Monitor and control power sources
  • Diesel generator monitoring
  • Preventive/Predictive maintenance
  • SLA management
  • Remote security and surveillance

Key Performance Indicators

The performance of a cell tower depends on the value of certain parameters. Some of them are:

Modules of Softweb Cell Tower Monitoring solution


IoTConnect – Softweb’s IoT platform that allows device communication and management, data storage, and implementation of data science methodologies to make sense of the all the data that is collected using a range of installed sensors.


The gateway acts as a medium of communication between the installed sensors and the solution application. The data from all the sensors is extracted using the gateway and is presented to the software application.


A variety of sensors are used to collect data regarding various KPIs and feed that data to the gateway device. Some of the sensors are:

  • Temperature
  • Energy meter
  • AC/DC current
  • Flow
  • PIR motion
  • Fuel level
  • Smoke
  • Vibration


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