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Meetings are an integral part of business, but if not planned properly, your employees may suffer due loss of their time and energy. This happens when employees find it difficult to book a room or locate it. Having a meeting room booking system in place improves convenience and space utilization. Integration of a room booking system helps both, remote and in-house employees to easily find which rooms are booked and which are free so that they can schedule meetings as per their requirements. Avnet’s Smart Office solution provides your organization a smarter way to manage your office space, employees and facilities right from your mobile devices in addition to offering a conference room booking system. This can save you thousands of productive hours that are wasted every year due to lack of a proper meeting room booking system.

Key Challenges

  • Reduced office productivity

  • Lack of a centralized room booking system

  • Increased operational cost

  • Lesser scope of collaboration

  • Disordered workflow

  • Monitoring of facilities

Sensors and Smart Occupancy

Get actionable insights and intelligence on office occupancy, which helps you optimize your office and employees, all together in a smarter way for better space management. Start implementing sensor technology for better insights of your office situation in real-time.

A smart solution to manage your workplace efficiently

  • Presence sensing

    When the solution detects occupant presence, it automatically updates the calendars and workflow. Presence sensing can be used to find the availability of meeting rooms to help employees with scheduling. It can also detect and alert in case of overcrowding.

  • Live analytics

    The data generated from integrated sensors help you with real-time visualizations and allow you to build predictive models that give valuable insights into office occupancy.

  • Scalable solution

    There is no limit on the users as it can be scaled to any extent. Any number of users can join the smart workplace and manage everything efficiently without any interruption.

  • Office 365 integration

    Our Smart Office solution is integrated with Office 365, which means the changes that you make in your calendar schedule will automatically and instantly reflect on the calendar and vice versa.

Smart Office Features

Bird's-eye view

The Smart Office solution displays available meeting rooms and facilities on web and mobile. It helps you to monitor all the facilities of your office through one dashboard. This makes it easy to find available space for your purpose whenever you need it.

Automated room booking

The Avnet Smart Office calendar updates the meeting room’s availability as occupants enter a facility. It automatically updates the team members and prompts them to book the meeting room directly from their phone.

Meeting room display

View live display on the tablet mounted on the meeting/conference room’s door. We can help you to set up your conference room display showcasing live metrics on the tablet.

Calendar integration

Check the availability of office facilities/amenities and book meeting rooms in advance through a mobile application. View the entire office schedule on the calendar and manage your meetings accordingly.

Change meeting rooms and extend meetings

The office room booking system notifies users when their reserved time slot is almost up, while it also provides an option to extend the current booking if the room is available for the next time slot. The user can also reserve another meeting room, in case the current room is booked for the next time slot.

Get reports and business intelligence

Users can get space and room usage analytics that shows them which rooms are in more demand, which facilities are used more often and other details including areas with highest and lowest preference, peak hours for rooms by time and day and a few predictions on meeting room bookings.


Most commonly asked questions regarding Avnet's Smart Office Transformation

The incorporation of our Smart Office solution will give you analytical insights about the room booking schedules, room/space usage, available facilities schedule reports. Everything from facility to occupants, it will empower you with the smartest office room booking system.

Your users will need a smartphone to install the app. The other hardware needed are tablets, beacons and sensors. The tablets will be mounted at the entrance of the meeting rooms, while the beacons will be used to detect employee presence and sensors for various other metrics.

Of course, you can turn it off whenever you want. You have the complete control on your smart office system.

Yes, for that you need to contact our sales team’s representative who will suggest you the best way to get your Smart Office Solution ready in just two days.

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