Experience the smarter way to manage your fleet with Softweb’s cloud-based solution powered by AI, IoT, and Big Data. Beyond the basic tracking facilities, analyze every facet of your fleet – route planning, fuel analytics, and driving patterns – to improve productivity and savings. AI and machine learning capabilities facilitate autonomous dispatching and routing, and empowers fleet managers to predict vehicle health and driving habits – based on a vehicle’s utilization and how it’s being driven.


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Real-time and
Easy to learn and
Seamless deployment
and integration
Driving behavior
Fuel level
Water level
Tire pressure
Engine temperature

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How can your fleet monitoring solution help us to maximize productivity and reduce costs?

If fleet management comprises a major percentage of your business expenditures, it’s clear that you are investing a significant amount of money on running your business. Therefore, ‘to get more done with minimum cost’ is the obvious goal. With Softweb’s Smart Fleet Monitoring solution, you can route the closest vehicle to a job, reduce overhead costs, and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Can your fleet monitoring solution really help to maximize workforce?

Inefficient routes, wasteful fuel practices, and vehicle crashes (according to the National Safety Council, such crashes are generally preventable) are three of the most significant concerns of any transportation-centric business that operates a large fleet of vehicles. Softweb’s Smart Fleet Monitoring solution efficiently optimizes routes by considering where your drivers are, live traffic analysis, how to limit vehicle wear, increase driver productivity, and keep customers happy. Our solution also increases fleet safety, minimizes the risk of crashes, and reduces your liability.

How can your fleet monitoring solution change driver behavior?

Softweb’s Smart Fleet Monitoring solution provides fleet managers the visual presentation of speed scores, idling time, and speed violations. You can receive routine comprehensive reports on driving style trends and driver briefs. This can then be used to identify or resolve any matters of concern which could be improved upon, or to praise good performance as part of an incentive scheme.

What else can your fleet monitoring solution provide me?

Besides pinpointing the exact location of your vehicles, our solutions can analyze their daily vehicle activity, maintain daily logs of jobs completed, or deliveries made, zoom & follow a driver, display detailed map routes with links to real-time driving analytics, detailed cargo information, and much more.

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