Manage Your Fleet Efficiently and Effectively with an IoT-enabled Logistics Solution

Present market scenario

In the logistics sector, it’s always been the biggest challenge to keep track of where everything is currently and where it’s heading. A lot of logistics service providers are making use of mobile technologies in the current landscape. However, a changing regulatory environment, increased traffic, rising labor costs, and the volatile nature of the fuel costs continue to make operations challenging for transportation and logistics companies. Our Smart Logistics solution facilitates vehicle and asset tracking with sensors, data and the Internet to manage and monitor fleet in a smarter way. Integrated devices fueled by the Internet of Things are completely transforming transportation, growing with improved and flexible connectivity.

Key Challenges

  • Fleet tracking system
  • Overcoming maintenance issues
  • Reducing downtime
  • Getting information on fuel usage, speed, or mileage
  • Compromised fleet safety
  • Getting updates regarding shipment or delivery

Fleet management solution ready for smart transportation

The placing of hardware sensors inside the vehicles makes it easier and efficient to get complete control of your fleet. Connect with better compliance by managing data between sensors and systems. Get better insights to improve customer service, vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiencies, driver behavior and faster emergency response and also keep a check of the operational status of your fleet.

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Our IoT-powered logistics and fleet management solution offers

  • Monitor vehicle location

  • Manage fuel and battery level

  • Monitor ignition and door state

  • Manage driving state

  • Better operational visibility

  • Operational efficiencies

  • Driver’s accountability

  • Cost effective solution

It is expected that the Fleet Management Market will grow from $12.56 billion in 2014 to $35.35 billion by 2019

- Research and Markets

Business benefits of Softweb Smart Logistics

Cost effectiveness

Sensors, data, and analytics play crucial role in saving time and money by managing and maintaining vehicles, routes, downtimes, fuel, etc.

Better compliance

Better insights for better management and better tracking for better monitoring results in better compliance. Get your fleet ready with better compliance

Complete control

Observe drivers’ behavior on different locations just by sitting on the dashboard in front of your computer- manage and improve accountability efficiently.

Smart Logistics Features

  • Real Time Tracking

    Track your fleet in real-time, Monitor driver’s routes and dispatch tasks efficiently. Get every single detail about the vehicle, route, location, driver, time and delivery.

  • Engine Analytics

    Get detailed analysis of the engine like engine speed, torque at transmission, accelerator and pedal position. Get the complete control over your vehicles.

  • Vehicle & driver safety

    Manage your vehicles speed, fuel level, door status, latitude and longitude. Make your fleet safe by integrating sensor technology and get all the details...

  • Enterprise dashboard

    Get the entire details of the vehicles, routes, locations, delivery and transportation on your PC’s dashboard. Get the management insights through real-time reports. Manage and direct your fleet efficiently yet effectively.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Get every single detail about the parts, component, vehicle and resources. With the help of predictive analysis get all necessary things prepared before it causes heavy loss...


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