Present market scenario

As the healthcare technologies are advancing, there’s an increased engagement and consciousness of consumers when it comes to their health. In such a scenario, the demand for remote care is more encouraged than ever. However, the current healthcare ecosystems are not equipped with technologies that can improve patient care by updating them with real-time patient information and allowing them to take proactive measures for treatment. Our IoT solution for the healthcare sector allows hospitals to improve the care quality while focusing on overall expenditure reduction.

Key Challenges

  • Decreasing operational costs
  • Eliminating system errors
  • Disease management
  • Enhancing patient experience
  • Better management of drugs
  • Improving treatment outcomes

Users of Smart Healthcare

If you are a daycare center, assisted living facility, community health center, primary healthcare center or an outpatient clinic, we can help you. Our IoT healthcare solution gives you data accuracy resulting in a better prediction of health related issues and proactive treatment plans.

  • Hospitals

  • ER Services

  • Physicians

  • Clinics

“The next logical step in this evolution is for sensors to help manage chronic disease, which affects more than 140 million individuals in the United States, and account for more than 75% of our healthcare expenditures.”

- Eric Topol,
The Creative Destruction of Medicine

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Unlocking the value of IoT for diversified industries

  • Case Study

    Remote Patient Monitoring App for Senior Citizens

    Better Alerts was looking for a solution to help senior citizens live independently.

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  • Case Study

    Activity Tracking App for a Corporate Wellness Company

    Walkingspree required an Android app for its corporate wellness program to help users monitor and analyze their daily physical activities.

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  • Case Study

    Cross-platform mobile app for a fetal heart rate monitoring system

    A popular company that manufactures medical devices for hospitals and healthcare centers, created a fetal heart rate monitoring system.

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Smart healthcare under the hood

The foundation of our Smart Healthcare solution.

Sensors that collect patient data

Cloud computing to store, process and analyze the data

Web and mobile applications for caregivers and patients

Gateway to transmit the data


Smart Healthcare Features

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