Connect your things and innovate your business


Connect multiple devices over any network in minutes with a ‘plug-n-play’ approach


Trigger commands and actions automatically from device to cloud and cloud to device


Condition monitoring, real-time analytics and fully configurable dashboards


Extend from raw data of machines to enterprise systems, edge devices and more with REST APIs


A range of authentication methods from X.509 certificates to TPM that ensure end-to-end security


Hardware, connectivity, building and selling apps to state-of-art visualizations – explore and succeed

Platform Architecture Diagram


Our IoT platform is created to seamlessly connect your devices and gain insights from the collected data to make better business decisions. IoTConnect® deploys applications that are customized for various businesses and provides benefits such as improved ROI, reduced downtime and better user experience.

Advantages of using IoTConnect®

Smart Connections

It enables a standard framework to connect with systems like Kibana, Power BI and Tableau. Also, it supports device connectivity protocols and adapts to the customized behavior of existing protocols.

Smart Portal

It provides you flexibility in defining data-processing rule chains, detailed device diagnostics and real-time alerts as well as support multi-tenant installations.

Smart Edge Analytics

It collects, records and archives data from multiple sources. Also, the platform has AI at the edge through a micro-service software and encrypts all at-rest data at the edge.

Data Visualization

It offers dynamic and interactive dashboards that show visual reports in analytics-oriented languages with real-time data. These charts and reports can be easily shared.

Smart SDK

It comes with device registry, authentications automation and compatibility with different development environments. The platform also supports AI frameworks and ML algorithms.

Mobile Apps

It offers a rich personalized mobile experience and supports various languages such as Node.js, Python, Java, C++ and C. Also, the platform controls the entire IoT ecosystem – from data collection, alerts to report sharing.

IoTConnect® components

The unified platform consists of various components in the form of tools, technologies, SDKs, APIs and protocols that support the variety of IoT solutions can be created. Each IoT solution that we offer has clearly defined protocols and technologies that are leveraged to achieve specific business goals according to each industry vertical.

Planning an IoT project?

IoTConnect® is the result of our continued dedication to help companies take advantage of the IoT revolution. Let’s discuss your idea and empower your business to do much more with Internet of Things.