A comprehensive solution for efficiency, safety and compliance

Every year, food, amounting to 1.3 billion tons is being wasted around the globe. In addition, according to a study by NRDC, supermarkets throw away 43 billion pounds of food per year.

Another report by The Food Trust indicates that up to 50% of the produce is thrown out while still edible. Imagine, even if a fraction of such food waste can be saved, it may benefit nearly 9 million people who die of hunger and hunger-related diseases every year.

With IoT, AI and computer vision techniques in an agriculture or food management system, the Smart Food Monitoring solution analyzes several variables and gives actionable metrics. The solution influences different areas including harvesting, processing, distribution channels and shelf life in retail grocery stores. In addition, with temperature control in freezers and refrigeration systems, businesses can prevent food spoilage and comply with food safety regulations.

Avnet’s Food Monitoring Features

Our Smart Food Monitoring Solution is designed to help businesses determine the freshness of produce as well as prevent food spoilage and wastage. Our solution monitors the quality of freshness using a combination of next-generation technologies that assure safety from inventory to shelf with an ideal environment.

Remote monitoring solutions to improve life of produce

Wireless temperature monitoring

Keep track of the environmental parameters of the fleet from a remote location and maintain the quality of the goods.

Waste reduction

Accurately determine the state of the produce by monitoring the production as well as the shelf life of the produce to reduce food waste.

Supply chain visibility

Improve inventory management by tracking and controlling orders. You can also track shipments and prepare alternate routes to ensure that the goods are delivered on time.

Food safety compliance

Adhere to food safety and regulatory compliance standards by monitoring the state of production, shipping and storage.

Monitor the metrics that matter the most

  • Optimum freshness period

  • Fruits and vegetables shelf life

  • Inventory environment monitoring

  • Decay control

  • Food wastage

  • Product condition monitoring

Let’s team up to minimize food wastage