Present market scenario

It has always been a big challenge to ensure field workers’ safety, track them remotely and, achieve better regulatory compliance. Industries are constantly looking to execute the activities of an industrial or field worker more effectively while improving efficiencies, reducing non-productive work and providing a safe work environment. The convergence of global industrial systems with advanced technologies like wearables, low-cost sensors and data analytics not only connect machinery but also field workers including laborers, fire fighters and mine workers with a centralized system. An IoT-enabled connected worker solution brings monitoring capabilities to the next level that make workplaces more efficient, transparent, safe and productive.

Key Challenges

  • Unexpected accidents in the field
    Unexpected accidents in the field
  • Improving worker performance
    Improving worker performance
  • Enhancing employee experience
    Enhancing employee experience
  • Tracking workers
    Tracking workers
  • Ensuring worker safety
    Ensuring worker safety
  • Reducing the risk of errors
    Reducing the risk of errors
  • Improving data accuracy
    Improving data accuracy
  • Creating visibility in the process work status
    Creating visibility in the process work status

Know how you can overcome them

Ensure a better working environment with a connected industrial worker solution

Connecting the industrial workers, in addition to having a fully-connected system has now become a feasible solution to achieve better operational efficiency and to ensure worker safety and productivity. Along with connected assets and machinery, connected workers can help a company gain better regulatory compliance and get a real-time glance at worker activity and health.

IoT-based connected worker solution is essential for industries including…

IoT-based connected worker solution

  • Improved Worker Safety

    Improved Worker Safety

    Factory managers can generate and analyze reports of the current work environment. They can also get alerts in case of critical environmental conditions.

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Prescriptive Analytics

    To monitor the efficiency of current safety procedures and policies by analyzing the information gathered by multiple sensors, which are installed in the system.

  • Compliance Friendly

    Compliance Friendly

    Collects and stores data for compliance checks in order to prevent hazardous conditions. The data collected can prove to be handy during audits.

  • Workforce Planning and Optimization

    Workforce Planning and Optimization

    Integration of project management software with human capital management software will allow companies to improve workforce wellness and to keep track of workforce productivity.

Creating and monitoring geofences

Creating and monitoring geofences

Track workers’ location even when they are working at a remote location and get real-time triggers if a worker crosses the pre-defined geofence area.

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Indoor navigation

Indoor navigation

Managers and workers can use indoor navigation to search for the shortest path to reach a particular location. This can be extremely useful in emergencies and during evacuation.

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Monitoring workers’ vitals

Monitoring workers’ vitals

Monitor and analyze workers’ vitals in real-time and keep a record of their health reports on a regular basis. You can also see what personal protective equipment (PPE) any worker is using at a given time.

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Examine environment factors

Examine environment factors

Managers can monitor the noise level, presence of radiation, toxic gas level, and the temperature of a specific location and also receive alerts if the level of any of these entities crosses its threshold limit.

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