Present Scenario

Most vegetables and fruits that we consume in our daily lives are tropic or sub-tropic plants. Meaning, to grow them effectively, they need a 25-35°C and 70-100% air humidity. Nevertheless, the fact is many countries in the world have such weather only for one or two weeks a year. Moreover, where such conditions are available, they are not accessible consistently. That’s why getting the best plant growth, and desired quality and quantity are some of the significant challenges.

Do you know:

  • Several reports indicate that plants exposed to high-temperature show reduced chlorophyll biosynthesis, thus declined photosynthesis.
  • Strong sunlight in summer is damaging on average 5.6% kiwifruit worldwide if managing poorly the damage can go up to 45%.
  • Exposure to a chilling temperature, from 1°C to 5°C, for 24 to 36 hours is noticeably harmful or even fatal to crop plants such as rice, velvet beans, cotton and peanut.

What if, just by enabling your greenhouse with IoT, you can maintain optimal growth conditions and keep plants healthy. Our Smart Greenhouse is one such solution powered by AI and ML technologies, creating an ideal greenhouse automation system.

Greenhouse Monitoring Core Features

Monitor the metrics that matter the most

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)



Soil fertility


Greenhouse health

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Water consumption

Behind Time

Energy consumption


Targeted luminosity

Architecture Diagram

Indoor environment monitoring

  • Optimize for a perfect growth environment and gain high yields year-round
  • Adjust color output throughout the plant lifecycle to control the plant’s growth behavior
  • Drill down to light settings and modify each color of the LED for consistent end-product quality
  • Monitor growth environment performance and Improve crop production
  • Fine-tune your plant’s growth strategies for each development stage

Additional Features

LED lighting
and monitoring
Auto-optimize a
suitable environment
Cut down on
operational costs
Reduce harvest

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