Improve crop yield by providing perfect conditions for plant growth

Most vegetables and fruits that we consume in our daily lives are tropical or subtropical plants. This means that they require 25-35°C and 70-100% air humidity to grow effectively. Nevertheless, the fact is that many countries around the world have such ideal weather only for one or two weeks a year. Moreover, places where such conditions are available, are not accessible consistently. These are some of the challenges that make it difficult to have the best plant growth with optimal quality and quantity in most of the places.

What if, just by enabling your greenhouse with IoT, you can maintain optimum growth conditions and keep your plants healthy? Avnet’s Smart Greenhouse is one such solution powered by IoT, AI and ML technologies that creates an ideal greenhouse automation system.

Do you know?

  • Several reports indicate that plants exposed to high-temperature exhibit reduced chlorophyll biosynthesis and therefore decreased photosynthesis.
  • Heavy sunlight in the summer damages 5.6 % kiwifruit worldwide on average and if managed poorly, the damage can go up to 45%.
  • Exposure to a cooling temperature from 1°C to 5°C, for 24 to 36 hours is significantly hazardous or even fatal to crops such as rice, velvet beans, cotton and peanut.

Avnet’s Greenhouse Monitoring Features

Our Smart Greenhouse Monitoring Solution is designed to assist growers deal with the energy consumption issues and assure a healthy crop development under optimum conditions.

Monitor the metrics that matter the most

  • pH

  • Soil fertility

  • Greenhouse health

  • Water consumption

  • Energy consumption

  • Targeted luminosity

Revolutionize your greenhouse with AI and machine learning

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Architecture Diagram

Additional Features

  • LED lighting and monitoring

  • Soil monitoring

  • Auto-optimization of a suitable environment

  • Cut down on operational costs

  • Real-time diagnosis

  • Reduce harvest failures

  • Optimal irrigation

  • Remote management

Let’s team up to give your plants a favorable growth environment