IoTConnect Features

Our IoT platform is created to seamlessly connect your devices and gain insights from the collected data to make better business decisions. IoTConnect deploys applications that are customized for various businesses and provides benefits such as improved ROI, reduced downtime, and better user experience.

Some of the main features of this centralized platform are:

Easy configuration

IoTConnect helps you get rid of security risks and compatibility hurdles by enabling easy configuration. It lets you register and pair your devices easily to the platform without coding. Once the device is configured, it facilitates device identity management, asset management, software management, and connection and configuration management.

  • Device lifecycle
  • Connection and Configuration management
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Multi-tenant architecture


You can easily create smart rules for connected devices and get notified on mobile devices. Through the real-time dashboard, IoTConnect facilitates asset tracking and remote management and control.

  • Smart Rules
  • Data explorer
  • Remote management and control
  • Asset Tracking

Real time monitoring and analytics

IoTConnect helps you to see what's happening on your remote devices, at any point, from anywhere. It enables you to perform extensive real-time analysis in the form of live graphical charts, using our data connectors.

  • Live graphical charts
  • Extensive real-time streaming analytics
  • Connectors for data visualization

Multi-layer security

A new multi-layer security is deployed across the IoT platform to eliminate network-related security risks. This is achieved with device identity management and application security including multi-factor authentication.

  • Access Security using Device Identity Management, OAuth 2.0
  • Protocol transmission over TLS
  • Application security including multi-factor authentication

Connectivity and interoperability

IoTConnect lets you build real-time, interactive dashboards to understand data as per your requirements. We have built a connector that allows you to collect, analyze and demonstrate your business data in the form of interactive graphs and charts to help you improve decision-making capabilities.

  • Many certified devices
  • Connectivity abstraction
  • Protocol support
  • Data modeling


IoTConnect supports communication across multiple devices. If sensors are already configured on the IoTConnect platform, you can access reports from anywhere using web services and APIs on iPad, iPhone or desktop.

  • Integrated 3rd party services
  • API developer portal
  • Built-in API gateway
  • Integration SDKs
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