Asset performance monitoring solution

Present market scenario

IoT-enabled solutions like remote asset monitoring are turning out to be the ‘X-Factor’ to gain competitive advantage, especially for asset-intensive industries like manufacturing, industrial machinery, power & utilities, mining, oil & gas, etc. If assets are not working or broken down, a business is not making any profit. Asset monitoring and management solutions enabled by IoT not only help you gain better control over your equipment and machinery but also make positive impacts on one or more of these aspects: increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing operational costs, increasing customer experiences, etc. For companies looking to competitive and effective ways to monitor and manage assets remotely, an IoT-enabled asset tracking & monitoring solution can help optimize operations and track return on assets (RoA).

Key Challenges

  • Tracking asset performance
  • Limited control over assets
  • Sudden machine breakdown
  • Separate silos of IT and OT
  • Lack of sophisticated reporting system
  • Improving asset efficiency and productivity
  • Scheduling an effective maintenance plan
  • Making data-driven decision-making

Track and monitor your assets remotely

Softweb Smart Asset Monitoring solution empowers industries to know where exactly their Internetenabled utility assets are and how they are performing. Because having only smartphones and tablets is not sufficient, industries need to unlock the value of connected assets. We will help you make your machines and equipment smart by pulling out information from them so that you can measure KPIs and detect deviations.

  • Track assets

    Real-time tracking and monitoring of your assets, indoor or outdoor, to increase visibility

  • Make assets smart

    Digitize your assets with RFID tags or sensors so that you can track location and monitor health in realtime

  • Predictive maintenance

    Detect symptoms of asset failures and predict machine health issues even before breakdown occurs to minimize downtime

  • Enterprise ready

    Optimize your supply chain process with rich insights and maximize your investments in critical resources

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How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION

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    Smart asset monitoring – bringing the new era of transparency and efficiency

    Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing businesses in several ways as we can see more and more

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Smart Asset Monitoring Features


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