Softweb Partner Program

The Internet of Things represents a multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity for the coming years. While most industries are harnessing this opportunity, Softweb Solutions invites companies to participate in our alliance partner programs wherein all technology leaders and organizations can work together and equip with the right set of skills, tools, and technology to serve their clients better.

We believe that collaboration is the Key to IoT success. The Softweb Partner Program empowers technology vendors, managed service providers, system integrators, independent software vendors, telcos, value-added resellers, and marketing/media agencies to build scalable, smart IoT solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics.

IoTConnect Partners

World’s leading device manufacturers, telecommunications companies, automation experts, system integrators and infrastructure providers have partnered with us to accelerate IoT initiatives and build a smart, connected world.

  • Hardware and automation partner
  • Infrastructure partner
  • Communication partner

Providing embedded devices, products, and sensors that enable easy device connectivity and communication to IoTConnect.

Providing cloud infrastructure to store and analyze untapped data which not only accelerates time to market but also ensure higher service reliability.

Making communication possible between the cloud and edge devices and providing end-point connectivity across networks.

Why partner with us

Become a market leader

Provide innovative solutions to your customers by supporting their IoT initiatives with our IoTConnect platform. We have a dedicated team who is constantly working on enhancing IoTConnect and come up with innovative ideas to best implement IoT across different verticals.

Get access to the most powerful IoT platform

As a part of the Softweb Partner Program, you get access to the most powerful and scalable IoTConnect platform which is capable of driving unprecedented outcomes, improving safety and workflow.

Grab new opportunities

Partnering with Softweb will not just help you reduce risk and lower development costs, but you can also work with our marketing and sales team to provide consultations and training to accelerate the digital transformation of your customers.