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Increasing efficiencies, connecting machinery and equipment to gather data and retrieve meaningful information, and avoid unplanned downtime on the shop floor are some of the major challenges for manufacturers globally. Despite having an automated factory environment, most manufacturers fail to push manufacturing productivity to the max and meet customer demands. While most of them are still looking for ways to gain better control over distributed operations and get rid of redundant processes to cut operating costs, Softweb Smart Factory solution can certainly help you stay ahead of the competition.

Key Challenges

  • Legacy industrial control systems that are prone to cyber threats
  • Lack of real-time data and disparate data systems
  • Keeping abreast of regulations and managing compliance
  • Product development and innovation
  • Implementing procedures that allow faster time to market
  • Environmental concerns and considerations
  • Balancing maintenance with throughput
  • Ensure customer satisfactions

Taking production line monitoring way beyond just industrial automation with the Industry 4.0 solution

  • Accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption

    Make your manufacturing smart with our interdisciplinary skills and domain knowledge in IT and engineering

  • Real-time visibility

    Monitor machine performance in real-time and make insightful decisions to avoid sudden downtime and production loss

  • Prescriptive analytics

    Maximize outcomes by taking decisions based on predictive analytics and ensure uptime and optimal, sustained performance

  • Integrated supply chain management

    Revolutionize the way products are designed, produced, and delivered while maximizing efficiencies and savings with connected supply chain

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How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION

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It’s high time to convert your factory into tomorrow’s smart factory with our production line monitoring solution

We help manufacturers to:
  • Create a connected ecosystem (including machines, production lines, system, people, etc.)
  • Continuously improve operational performance
  • Avoid sudden breakdowns of machines on the shop floor and minimize production loss
  • Reduce operational costs and more

Smart Factory Features


Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Smart Factory

How long would it take to implement the Smart Factory or automation solution?

It depends on the readiness of your infrastructure. However, if you are already collecting and storing data in any way, it would typically take around 2 months for setup and installation.

I am using old machines in the factory. Can I use this IoT solution in my manufacturing unit?

Yes, of course. We just need to assess your infrastructure and identify data points so that our technical team can guide you further. We will then integrate your current machines and help you make sense your of your data.

My machines or assets are not connected to the Internet. Can this service still be applied on them?

Yes. Our engineers will visit your facility to get a full understanding of your infrastructure and set up an internet connection using external sensors and actuators.

We are already storing our data using a third-party cloud storage provider. Can we implement this solution?

Yes, Smart Factory can be integrated with the existing third-party cloud service provider.

Will my data be secured in the cloud?

The security of your data is paramount to us. All communication is secured with SSL and TLS protocols to ensure secured device management and connectivity management.

What is the pricing model? How much does it take to implement Smart Factory?

It depends upon the use case. To discuss further, please contact at


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